Metal Marking Machine


Metal Marking Machine

Marking metals and other metallic products by a laser is one of the most recent applications of technology. This innovative form of marking is being applied successfully in different industry verticals for gaining the best results in terms of design and quality. The applications of our metal marking machines are being seen in various industries like QR or Barcode marking, tools, labels etc.

Computer Enabled Metal Marking Machines

At SAN TECHNOLOGY, we take pride in introducing various computer-aided systems for creating marks on metals. Our machines, especially the fibre laser marking models, make the process of metal marking fast, simple, and precise -all through non-contact processes. The fibre laser marking machines utilize optical fibers combined with rare earth element as their laser source; thereby leaving marks with more intensity. Offering high reliability metrics for deformity and stability, our laser marking machines are being utilized in the auto industry, barcode industry, etc. for generating extremely fine output. Get in touch with us for your industrial requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Laser Technology For Marking?

High-Precision Marking with super quality imprints, even on the delicate interface, one-point fonts and little marks with eligibility.
Durable permanent marking, abrasion-proof, and heat-resistant for long-lasting, indelible and traceable logos.
High marking speed is achievable with laser-powered processes and streamlining the production line.
Tamper-proof traceability and ID to distinguish parts and components with laser marking provides a host of benefits over conventional marking and engraving techniques.
All the laser systems are capable of auto-generating unique QR codes and barcodes.
Laser markings remain durable and outlast cars or components after coming into contact with extreme temperatures and fluids like gas or oil.
Laser tools can mark all types of materials incisively, including steel, plastic, and metal with pinpoint precision unmatched by other cutting techniques.
Laser technology scales down the component expenditure and assembly chain giving automakers an edge in a competitive global market.

Why Choose SAN TECHNOLOGY Laser For Marking Your Components?

1. Customization

With years of machine manufacturing experience, we are capable of providing a high-quality product just according to customer requirement.

Some of the customizations done in past are as follows:

  • Line integration to auto-generate serial no, shift code and date.
  • Integration of 2D code reading and camera system.
  • Built-to-order laser marking systems.

2. Trustworthy Service

Being in the industry for years we understand the various needs at customer end and hence try to provide the best!

What Are The Different Types Of Metals We Can Mark With Fiber Laser?

Steel, copper, brass, aluminum, iron, nickel, plastics and many more.

What Are The Typical Applications Of Fiber Laser Marking?

  • Barcode and QR Code Marking for Identification
  • Serial Numbers and Trademark Symbols
  • Hallmarking
  • Data Matrix Codes
  • Micropatterning
  • Marking on Plastics

What Are Various Industries In Which Fiber Laser Marking Is Applicable?

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive Industry
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Traceability Solutions
  • Watchmaking
  • Semiconductors
  • Plastics
  • Utensils
  • Bearings & Tools and Many More.

Metal Marking Machine

Logo Marking on Metal

Marking on round object