Paper Laser Cutting Machine


Best Paper Laser Cutting Machines Manufacturer and Supplier in China

When it comes to cut different materials with a laser, the paper is one the best material to work with. With wide imagination and creativity, laser gives the full freedom to the user to create anything from beautiful wedding invitations to awesome packaging. Even the detailed graphics are possible with engraving.

What Are the Various Applications of Laser Cut or Engraved Paper?

  1. Invitation cards
  2. Quality and beautiful packagings.
  3. Business cards
  4. Greeting cards
  5. Art and craft material
  6. Festive decorations
  7. School supplies
  8. Sticker cutting

What Are Types of Paper on Which Laser Works?

Laser works on any type of paper like fine paper, cardboard, handmade paper, recycled paper  etc.

What are the Advantages of Laser Cutting of Paper, Cardboard and other Paper Products?

  • The edges cut with laser are sharp and clean unlike the one we get with punching and other traditional methods
  • As it uses the laser to cut, it is a contactless process which results in no quality loss with time.
  • Even the most complex designs can be cut with a laser in no time.
  • Both cutting and engraving are possible at the same time giving the freedom to become creative.
  • Highly cost efficient for both small and medium scale production.
  • The laser power needed to cut paper is very low resulting in low electricity consumption.
  • Accurate sample or serial production direct from any design software.
  • Cutting edges without deformations

Watch Our Paper Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine in Action!

Paper Laser Cutting Machine

Paper Laser Engraving Machine